Pick a font

These three fonts are our recommended fonts for the plaques. You can also specify your own font.

If you specify your own font we will have to evaluate the complexity of it to carve which may lead to a price increase per letter. The recommended fonts can act as a guide.

Any cost additions will be conveyed in the quote.

Choose your heading

‘In Loving Memory of’

‘To Remember’

You can choose the heading that goes at the top of the plaque. Your message to head the plaque.

Their Name

Their Name will be carved on a single line in the at the biggest size that will fit in the space. This means the longer the name the smaller the letter will be to fit.

Very long names with significantly smaller letters will have the cost per letter adjusted appropriately. This will be explicit in the quote.

The Message

The message on the plaque is how to show who the plaque represents. Not just a name but an insite into the person they are.

In the form below we have the option to choose which lines the message goes on, we may need to adjust this to fit with the carving but the final design will be confirmed by you before manufacture.

Pictorial Carving

The pictorial carving can be a picture represent something they loved or of a specific item that represents them.

If possible we would like to ask for 5 pictures you would want to be carved so we can ensure the one that is chosen will translate well into a carved image in wood. Also please fill the box at the end of the form “More infomation”  and give a personal statment detailing hobbies, job etc that we could then design a montage for you.


The dates have a few different layout options, for example:

September 26th 1975 – August 9th 2013

26.09.1975 – 09.08.2013

1973 – 2013

Choose the format you prefer.


We offer three finishes:

– If left unfinished the oak will silver over time, and will naturally gain weathering protection over time.

– A coat of UV protection oil preserves the look of the oak, also if you change your mind in the future you can leave it to silver as opposed to continuing oiling

– Staining and varnishing the plaque gives it a richer colour and clean finish.


Painted letters

Another option is to paint the carved letters. This involves varnishing the plaque, cutting it back and hand painting the letters black to offer higher contrast.

What Happens Next?


By filling out the form below you can calculate an estimate for your plaque. This is a guideline figure to ensure you know how much the plaque could be. We do not see the imformation in the form until you press the “Submit Form Button”

Personalised Quote:

The main feature (should you choose) is the pictorial carving. The picture that ends up being carved needs to be evaluated by our carving team to ensure it will translate well onto the plaque. This is why we ask for 5 pictures you would like to have carved.  All this allows us to produce accurate quote’s we will then send to you in 3 – 5 working days. The quote will include a cost for each of the viable carvings and a breakdown of the words you have chosen. It will also include details of the expected completion date of manufacture.


At this point in the process, you choose the carving you would like, double check spelling and then we take payment for the plaque (BACs or PayPal). This is before we produce your final design. Should you change your mind after this point we can offer a partial refund but cannot return the money that covers the design process (£120).

Final Design:

At this point you have selected the picture you would like carved onto the plaque and paid for the plaque. We will then produce the final design and send it to you for confirmation. The layout of the plaque and fonts can be changed at this stage to ensure it is correct for you.


Once you have signed off on the final design, we will manufacture the plaque and mail it to you, by recoreded delivery, all packaging will be 100 % recyclable. 

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Estimate Calculator

Please fill out fields as applicable

Other Fontall fonts will need to assessed, complex fonts may cost more to carve
Headercosted at £6 a letter
Numberhow many letters?
Their Namecosted at £8.50 a letter
Numberhow many letters?
The Messageline 1 - costed at £6 a letter
Numberhow many letters?
The Messageline 2 - costed at £6 a letter
Numberhow many letters?
The Messageline 3 - costed at £6 a letter
Numberhow many letters?
The Messageline 4 - costed at £6 a letter
Numberhow many letters?
Date of Birth stylepick a format for the date
Date of Passing stylepick a format for the date
Date of Birth
Date of Passing
Picture CarvingDo you want a hand carved image?
Finish OptionsChoose your desired finish
Painted LettersWould you like the letters to be painted?
Plot/Grave Number NumberWill you need a plot/grave number?
NumberIf so what is the number?



Stand and Plaque - £320

Hand Carving

Header - £[field43 * 6]

Big Letters - £[field13 * 8.5]

Dates - £[field32 + field37]

Little Letters - £[(field16 + field14 + field20 + field15) * 5]

Pictorial Carving - £[field22]

Plot/Grave Number - £[field46]


Plaque - £[field44]

Letters - £[field45]

Total Estimate - £[field24]

Personalised Quote

Upload Pictures For Carvingsupload up to 5
More informationplease explain any specific requests or infomation you feel will help us create a fitting design
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